The annual USC Hiking and Jogging Scholarship was created by Dr. David Eggleston (DDS '70, Pros '72) and Dr. Andrew Vo (DDS '15) in 2011, with the purpose of providing the dedicated students and the family at the Ostrow School of Dentistry an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful 8K Black Star Canyon trail in Orange County, California. Since the inaugural year in 2011, this event has already given back over $120,000 to the students at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC and we look forward to giving back even more in the following years! Each year, students gather at the Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC and take chartered busses to the base of the hike.  After a 45 mile bus ride, the race begins!


The Hiking & Jogging Scholarship event provides a day to enjoy each other's company with over 200 students, faculty, staff members, alumni, special guests and our very own, Dean Sadan! 

Everyone is guaranteed to be entered in a raffle for participating at the event. Participants will enjoy a beautiful scenic hike or jog as they make their way up the trail. Once reaching the top for a quick photo opportunity, a leisurely stroll back down the windy trail leads to a free lunch. Each year, Dr. Eggleston donates as one of the of the major donors along with Patterson Dental.  In addition, Dr. Eggleston covers the busses, food, refreshments, USC t-shirts, and facilities so the other donors’ donations go 100% into student scholarships. Subway sandwiches, bags of assorted chips, snacks, and frozen bottles of water are provided by Dr. Eggleston’s wife: Laraine, Periodontist: Michael Gahagan and his wife Kathy, along with Kate Eastman.  Dr. Eggleston's staff provides sliced oranges and candy snacks.  Food, ice water, and refreshments are available at the trail head starting at 9:00 am for students going part way up the canyon and returning to the trail head early. This is truly an event to remember!